All about me...

Noémi Sárog is a Hungarian - American actress, producer and VR creator.

Her select New York credits include Four Seasons (dir. Michael Seebold, Evening Crane Theatre), zounds! (dir. Kevin Mejia, Floor Five Theatre Co.), The Visit ( dir. Taylor Reynolds, Atlantic Acting School), The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War (co-director and producer), Captain Filthy Fred (dir. Timea Zsedely, Pilvax Productions).


Her film credits include: Save Rosemary Series (dir. Jimmy Andrews), Enoptromancy (dir. Michael Seebold, Evening Crane Production), Decode (dir. Adeshina Garuba), I'm Rich (dir. Nick Kates, Hipster Cowboy Production)  


She is a proud member of 

In her free time she loves editing and creating videos.

During the pandemic, she co-founded RoMi Productions, a VR production company.

Currently, they are in development of two new VR experiences: one for hospitalized kids, the other one for theatre lovers.

Her mantra is: Share the love, share the knowledge.



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