Noémi Sárog

All about me...

Noémi Sárog is a Hungarian - American actress, producer and VR creator.

Her film credits include: Save Rosemary Series (dir. Jimmy Andrews), Enoptromancy (dir. Michael Seebold, Evening Crane Production), Decode (dir. Adeshina Garuba), I'm Rich (dir. Nick Kates, Hipster Cowboy Production)  

Her select New York credits include Four Seasons (dir. Michael Seebold, Evening Crane Theatre), zounds! (dir. Kevin Mejia, Floor Five Theatre Co.), The Visit ( dir. Taylor Reynolds, Atlantic Acting School), The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War (co-director and producer), Captain Filthy Fred (dir. Timea Zsedely, Pilvax Productions).

She is a proud member of 

In her free time she loves visiting Hawai'i, riding a horse or train her dog. 

During the pandemic, she co-founded RoMi Productions, a VR production company.

Currently, they are in development of four new VR experiences: one for hospitalized kids, the other one for theatre lovers, one about eco-consciousness and the last one about indigenous story telling.

Her mantra is: Share the love, share the knowledge.



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